Personalization Services


Our ability to provide products and services across these three complimentary segments, allows us to be a one stop shop for issuers of financial cards. Card issuers can fully outsource their card issuance functions to us by purchasing our full suite of products and services to assist them from initial planning and design of new card products to production all the way through personalisation and issuance of cards and final delivery to end users. Our customers can also purchase our products and services a la carte, depending on their needs.



Our personalisation services involve the process of loading personal data or premium value applications onto the memory or microcontroller chips embedded in smart cards. We also emboss and print customised card bodies for our customers, and customise the associated packaging and card carriers used to deliver cards to end users.



Our solutions include central card issuance systems for high-volume industrial size card personalisation operations and desktop card
issuance systems for rapid issuance at low volumes near where our end users are located, such as within bank branches.

We believe that strong research and development capabilities are important to ensure our success and our ability to develop application solutions to meet the changing needs of financial institutions, government departments or agencies and business enterprises. Such capabilities also enable us to continue to upgrade our existing application solutions in response to the changes in technological developments.

We are widely recognised by our customers, industry groups and governmental entities for our high quality products and services. We are the only financial card manufacturer and the only financial card personalisation solutions provider in the PRC certified by all six of the leading worldwide card issuing organisations (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, UnionPay, JCB and Diners Club). These certifications are recognition of our ability to meet rigorous international standards for our business and operations and allows us to serve a wide variety of financial institutions and facilitates our growth internationally.




We have integrated our operations and are equipped with consulting, product design, manufacturing, card personalisation, data processing and fulfillment capabilities that enable us to offer a one-stop total solution to our customers. We offer to our customers

(i) design and manufacture of payment products such as smart cards, magnetic strip cards and other types of financial cards,

(ii) card personalisation and fulfillment services to securely encode our payment products with end user data and to issue and deliver such products directly to end users

(iii) provision of on-site card issuance system solutions including central and desktop card issuance equipment. This
complimentary portfolio of products and services gives us the ability to serve a range of customers from clients requiring one or more of our offerings to clients seeking comprehensive total solutions for their payment product needs.

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