GoldEasy EMV Software

GoldEasy : GoldEasy a solution part of the GoldEasy Solutions product range.

GoldEasy is designed to meet the requirements for mass issuance production of smart cards since it runs on high throughput machines and is made up of distinct components that can be operated separately and even remotely.

GoldEasy is an industrial-scaled solution originating and packaged from the system currently used in Goldpac manufacturing facilities and personalisation bureaus. To answer versatile requirements, this solution remains open and fully configurable to adapt to the evolving nature of card processes. Moreover, the system is fully modular and add-ons can be plugged into the system to generate specific reports and manage the evolution of input and output formats in close coupling with CMS.

A typical EMV payment card personalisation system is composed of two main modules that fit with the two major stages of the operational process:

  • A Data preparation system which allows you to prepare, generate and format all your necessary data useful for the personalisation (graphical, magnetic and electric)
  • A Card Production system that realizes the true physical personalisation by interacting with the smart card on the personalisation device.

At the end of these two stages, the card is personalized according to the final cardholder profile and can be included into any fulfilment or packaging before being delivered.

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