Deltacom has a vast product catalog. It includes the End-End EMV migration solution. With Goldeasy EMV, any Bank can easily migrate to EMV issuance with almost no time.

Our Consumables items include, Thermal ATM rolls for ATMs & POS Machines, VISA & MasterCards, POS Machines, Android Rugged Tablets etc



The financial card industry in which we operate is undergoing a significant transformation from the widespread use of magnetic strip cards, which store data in a band of magnetic material on the card, to smart cards, which stores data on IC chips with more data storage capacity and sophisticated security features. This transformation is stimulated by new governmental policies and regulations that promote the advance and widespread adoption of smart card technologies in the financial card sector.

These governmental policies created a favourable environment where we can expand our smart card business to fight for a larger market share despite the intense competition. Therefore, we have made a comprehensive business plan in response to these policies. For example, we actively communicate with our existing customers to better understand their smart card needs, which helps us to improve our sales and marketing plans and our production expansion plans relating to our smart card products.